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I wasn’t really all that pressed about these shoes until recently which is why you haven’t seen any posts about it but they’re starting to look good to me again. I’ll probably end up with them one way or another. Enjoy.

‘Retro’ Blue Foamposites

I haven’t really posted anything about these as far as pics go but here’s the most recent ones. I must say they are making it more and more easier for me to want to purchase more than one pair.

They are supposed to release on July 1st but considering thats a Friday, I’m gonna say they’re probably gonna come out the 2nd

Via NiceKicks

I Swear I Hate This N*gga..

…but you gotta respect his shoe game. If you didn’t know, these (foams) are supposed to release July 1st but probably 2nd

Well I dont reeeallly hate him, more like envy the little-footed nigga

From NiceKicks

A Couple of Shoes That Caught My Eye

I been gone for a minute so Ima just post a few pics of some shoes that I find appealing.

First up is this video Wale shot about the Pine Green Foamposite Ones. Supposed to release towards the end of the year. September 1


Next, these are the Cardinal VII’s


And THEN Finally we have these beautiful white and orange Griffey II’s. These come out on April 8th and are PERFECT to me.

Have a good day and good hunting.

In case you didn’t know, there are no red foams (as of right now) right now. The ones that are releasing are just like the ones that released in ’07 except the soles aren’t solid.

They are the samples from the ’07s if you’ve seen em.

Here’s the ’07 pair

and these are the ones that are coming out in June

basically they just made the sole translucent as opposed to solid

Either way I’ll probably cop because I missed out on the ’07s. And hopefully there are alot of people out there think like NT and wont cop.

Im really not feelin to Stand In Line. Here’s a few more pics for you to savor on.

What do you think about them?

via NT & NiceKicks

Today’s The Day

Well today is February 13th meaning the Copper Foamposites released today, and unfortunately I won’t be getting mine until later on this week. =/

but i just thought Id pass the info onto yall. Rumor is that these are a massive release so it shouldnt be all that hard to snag a pair.

Now that pic is stolen from a dude on #NT but they so sexy smh. I happened to have seen them in person a few days ago and they are beautiful in person.

My Eggplant Holy Grail..

Niketalk does it again…

I was reading the Retro forums and came across this beautiful piece of info

My favorite pair of shoes of All time could possibly be rereleasing again.


meaning dont quote me on it..but still, I went through so much last year to get these just to miss out on em smh

I was so upset man. I will NOT miss them again if they come out. Luckily its tax season

Just look at them.

so freakin beautiful.

Anyway hopefully they come out, take it for wat it is.

New Pics of Copper Foamposites

Well well well, what do we have here? New pics of the most anticipated shoe of 2010 so far

The Nike Air Foamposite One “Dirty Copper”

i found these on KicksonFire a few minutes ago. But this just makes my wait that much longer smh

But to all my Foamheads out there, enjoy !

Think Pink

I’m an avid supporter of mostly anything that has anything to do with Breast Cancer because alot of my friends have had family members fall victim to the disease and I love Nike(undoubtedly). So when I first heard of the Think Pink/Box Out Breast Cancer Campaign, I was thrilled that Nike is actually doing something proactive and positive. They will be putting out shoes with Pink themes and some proceeds(not sure exactly how much) will go to Breast Cancer Research. There is a rumor that there might be a pair of pink Foamposites wandering around somewhere but who knows, this is a photoshop that BPtheOwner over at Niketalk.com did. if you see em let me kno bruh. These the pair of Air Max Lebron VII pe’s and the Nike Air Kobe IV’s.

via: HypeBeast http://hypebeast.com/2009/12/nike-basketball-lebron-james-vii-pink/

Copper Dopes

It is extremely fitting that my first post be about my favorite pair of shoes on the planet and even though they are not the Eggplant Ones, they’re still foams and I’m a fan. These are the Copper colorway of the Nike Air Foamposite Ones. They still don’t have a set release date but it is almost certain to be in the first quarter 2010 (probably February). But until then, enjoy these new pics.