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What Do You Think?

How many people out there like this logo?

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The Tragedy That is Love..

You ever been in a relationship where you fall so deep that you don’t realize how sprung you really are?

I know you have, don’t tryn play me. We all have but sometimes its not always a bad thing.

Some of us are guilty of being this deep in love and having the feeling be mutual, some of us aren’t so lucky

Some people find this kind of passionate desire early in life and others never find it at all.

Its a real tragedy when you think about it, you fall so deep for this person that you build up into something that they can never live up to,

all the while hanging onto this false sense of mutuality just to come to terms with the heartbreaking realization that the ‘love’ you were so entangled in

was really never there to begin with. And even in the off-chance that it was, it was never as intense as you imagined it to be…

But True love is not a myth, but I do believe that it is strongly inconceivable.

and thats from the heart


I Promise I don’t Give a Fuck

Smh I hate arguing, especially with that one special person

Alas, I believe that it is indeed that time to let go *sigh*

It goes like this, arguments and quarrels are just like love, its a two way street

it takes two people to be mad at each other yet I ALWAYS end up the bad guy

With that being said, I dont think it is FATHOMABLE, CONCEIVABLE nor ACCURATE

that I should come out of every dispute and scenario the bad guy

Everytime I end up apologizing, and apologizing, and apologizing


So at this point, I’m in my fuck it mood, like wat else can I do?

In the words of my mans Josh,


Ok I’m done…btw Merry Christmas

O and that dont mean I dont love you..

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays the LoveHaterz family to yours

Be safe out there man.