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Its Christmas Burr !!

Its a So Icey Christmas !

Burr !


I Promise I don’t Give a Fuck

Smh I hate arguing, especially with that one special person

Alas, I believe that it is indeed that time to let go *sigh*

It goes like this, arguments and quarrels are just like love, its a two way street

it takes two people to be mad at each other yet I ALWAYS end up the bad guy

With that being said, I dont think it is FATHOMABLE, CONCEIVABLE nor ACCURATE

that I should come out of every dispute and scenario the bad guy

Everytime I end up apologizing, and apologizing, and apologizing


So at this point, I’m in my fuck it mood, like wat else can I do?

In the words of my mans Josh,


Ok I’m done…btw Merry Christmas

O and that dont mean I dont love you..

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays the LoveHaterz family to yours

Be safe out there man.

Santa on the Track !

Here’s the response to the Blitzen diss earlier, I guess Santa ain’t tryna hear that shyt he was talkin

Who knew Kris Kringle could spit too? Or that he was black??

Either way, these MVPuppet commercials are hilarious

Shout out to Kid for the link

Blitzen Goin In

My mans Blitzen goes IN on Santa Claus, LeBron and Kobe in the newest episode of the MVPuppets series.  Who ever knew that Blitzen was so lyrically gifted? He sure does sound like someone we all know and love over here at the Love-Haterz Blog..

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Release Details

Its almost that time of year for the much anticipated release of The Space Jam Jordans. Well to be exact, The Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam” . More details have surfaced about the speculated release of these such as a concrete release date and pricing. They will release on December 24th as a quickstrike most likely for $175. Good luck trying to get a pair on Christmas Eve along with the last minute Christmas shoppers. I hope you wish me luck too because Ima be out there, hopefully i can secure a pair from my spot but I’m not gettin my hopes up. Below is a bonus picture of my favorite Old School Baller Penny Hardaway being guarded by Jordan with these on. Classic.

shout out to SneakerObsession http://www.sneakerobsession.com/19894/air-jordan-11-retro-space-jam-release-date-confirmation/