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Call of Duty is easily one of the most popular game series’ out right now and the next installment, Modern Warfare 3 is due out this year. This time around, they returned to Modern Warfare as opposed to Black Ops which just released last year. Here’s all the individual trailers, well really teasers, that aired on tv. The action takes place in various places this time around and for the first time there are actually plots and levels based in New York City




And finally France

These videos are perfect teasers in my opinion and here is the gameplay trailer that aired during the NBA Playoffs

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This video made me laugh. Quite sad, if it were true.

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Jordan on the Cover of 2K11?

Hmm.. This could be very interesting if it proves to be true. It would be the first time a former player OR team owner graced the cover of a game in the NBA 2K series.

I wouldn’t mind playing as MJ on 2K especially if there are other former players on the game. (Anfernee Hardaway, Nick Van Exel, Sir Charles Barkley anyone?)

Let’s see how this plans out. Could you imagine Penny vs. MJ one on one with 2K graphics!?

Not to mention the SIGNATURE SNEAKERS :EEK. Ill keep you posted as things progress.

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Gears of War 3: Ashes to Ashes

Gears of War’s lead designer Cliff Bleszinski debuted the trailer for one of the most anticipated games in recent history last night on Jimmy Fallon..

Here it is

April 2011 tho? *Shrug* Halo: Reach and Project Netal shall keep me occupied until then..

P.S. my fav screenshot from the trailer.. Dom with a beard

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