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My Holy Grails Have a Release Date

April 23, 2011

VIA NiceKicks


New Griffey’s Release Date

If you remember a while back, I told yall these would be releasing this year probably in the Spring. But it looks like I was a little off as the release date for these is set for Feb. 20.

These will also be a QS release tho so Im not sure how readily available they will be. Good Luck, but I think I might pass on them and  opt to pick up the Neon 95’s

100th Post !!/ Griffey Restock

Yeaaaaa bytch ! To all y’all niggas that said I wouldnt stay dedicated and all that shyt…


And to everybody else, thanks for reading and I hope you continue to visit daily

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand for the 100th post, its only fitting to have one of favorite shoes featured

Yes, the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 is currently being restocked at certain places

I plan on getting a pair unless I get the Copper Dopes but thats kind of a stretch now 😥

I think this gotta be one of the best ads of all-time, this kinda sold the shoe to me the first time..

I remember when I had this as the bg to my G1 *sigh* old times

Anyway hopefully these are better quality than the ones I got



Ayyyyyye Mariners !!

Its going to be a good season for the Seattle Mariners man. They’ve been extremely active this offseason bringing in several impact players from other teams and free agency. First we signed the big homie Ken Griffey Jr. to another 1 year deal. Then there’s that little 4 team deal in which brought Cliff Lee over to Seattle. And on top of that, we just got Milton Bradley from the Cubs in exchange for Carlos Silva. So let’s see, thats one of the top pitchers in the league, one of the best sluggers and an all-time great on top of a good team from last year. I’m ready for the season to start. (now why couldnt the Orioles make deals like this?)

Now if Nike would just release these Griffey’s since this might be his last year in Seattle…

Some Orioles Fly High

You ever heard that term “Diamond In The Rough”? Well thats the best way to describe Adam Jones, OF for the Baltimore Orioles. Even though our team is some trash, Adam Jones is a monster. He even won a Gold Glove this past year. Me being a hometown fan was ecstatic to hear that as well as the news I read last night. Adam Jones earned apparently earned himself a signature shoe from Nike through the Swingman line. For those of you that don’t know, thats the line that the Griffeys (*insert smiley face here*) were released under and his personal branch of Nike I believe. This is awesome news man, one of my favorite players getting a shoe under my number one favorite player’s line. Sweet. News comes straight from his twitter.

info via Niketalk.com http://niketalk.yuku.com/topic/221570/t/Adam-Jones-Orioles—–sneaker—Griffey-Swingman-Line.html

New Griffs !

If you know me well enough, you’d know that The Nike Air Griffey Max 1 is one of my all-time favorite shoes in every colorway.  It is just such a beautiful model and today, I found out that there is a new colorway coming out so I hopped on the laptop. I remember hearing something about a pair coming out in 2010 but I had no idea they would be so awesome bruh. But as you see they are, they feature a mainly grey base with teal accents throughout. There isn’t a set release date but they’re coming out in 2010 for sure. here are some pictures I got from KicksonFire.com, enjoy.

Shouts out to my mans Ashy Steve for the drop, good looks