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It’s The Return of Forever Ho

If you don’t know about Big K.R.I.T, you missing one of the best (imo) new rappers in the game. I just recently began listening to the Mississippi rapper but I been thoroughly impressed. Today he dropped his latest project Return of 4Eva. I havent gotten a chance to listen yet but I’m sure it will be good.

Download link below

Big K.R.I.T – ReturnOf4Eva

Rolling In The Deep

Originally, I wasn’t gonna post this but I figured I’d share this with y’all. This is John Legend covering Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’. Song is so smooth and as y’all know, I love acapella music. Wish I could stream it but I can’t. Download link down bottom but you can hear it at 2DopeBoyz. I been listening to it for a few days now and I’m thoroughly satisfied.

Update On Our Progress

Just a little heads up in case anybody was wondering, we are still trying to start our brand but me being in school slows everything up. Lord Willin’ this summer we can launch some clothes. I noticed an influx of views recently and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who clicked a link, bookmarked, subscribed, whatever you do to help out. I appreciate it. We will keep yall updated as things progress.

Oh and I think I’m gonna start posting some of my poetry on here sooner or later so keep your eyes open.


A Couple of Shoes That Caught My Eye

I been gone for a minute so Ima just post a few pics of some shoes that I find appealing.

First up is this video Wale shot about the Pine Green Foamposite Ones. Supposed to release towards the end of the year. September 1


Next, these are the Cardinal VII’s


And THEN Finally we have these beautiful white and orange Griffey II’s. These come out on April 8th and are PERFECT to me.

Have a good day and good hunting.

Fear Of God

The mixtape I been waitin for finally released.

Hit the link for download

Pusha T – Fear of God

And as an added bonus here’s an interview he did with Ms. Info about the tape, the Clipse and about his brother who recently wrote a very powerful book. I’m goin to write a review on that soon.

Via: 2DopeBoyz

My Holy Grails Have a Release Date

April 23, 2011

VIA NiceKicks

[Mixtape] The Original Dom Kennedy

Mixtape came out yesterday but I ain’t feel like getting back on here after my phone broke -_-

Anyway I listened to it cover to cover three times already, shit is dope.

(Click the image to download)

Guess Who’s Back?

Yeah I’m back.

I ain’t goin get into much about what went on while I was out but I’d like to personally thank everybody who still frequented the website during our absence. I have noticed the views and it touches my black ass heart *sniffle*

You might notice a few differences here and there but we’re still the same two niggas. We did change the name a few times but we haven’t really decided on an exact one yet.

But on the real, preciate that shit. We just had some shit to deal with. I’m about to catch y’all up on some stuff I feel is necessary.