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My nigga Curren$y. Just watch the video.


And FUCK Jordan Fusions….its like a Air Force 1 dressing up as a Jordan for Halloween

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Recap of The Past Week Or So

I know me and Damon been slippin on the post tip but here’s a quick mash-up.

These will be copped this week or next as memorabilia (I’ll wear them a few times).

Right now they sold out on the Nike Store though

Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid “Ken Griffey”

$90 Style: 407766-005
Then it was confirmed that the Cool Grey XI’s will be released December 23rd tentatively for no surprise $175

I want these sort of. Not going to go EXTRA hard to get them though

These are dope and as far as I know they’re in stores now. I want them but not for retail..

Sorry about this next one..These are the worst fusion I’ve seen yet. Not only because of the shoe they destroyed to make them but the fact that its constructed so terribly. Two diff materials on Forces? -_-

Then We have Maybach Music III by Rick Ross. This time he got T.I, Jadakiss & Erykah Badu O_ORick Ross – Maybach Music III

And I believe thats it.

We’re back

Most info via NiceKicks

Fuse Deze Nuts !!

Someone, anyone, please inform Nike that they are trippin wit no mat with these fusions. Have y’all seen these shyts ? Its an atrocity to sya the least. Look at what they’ve done to my favorite Jordans !! My FAVORITE pair of all time, the Air Jordan VIII ‘Aqua’. They took this beauty and threw on the sole of an Air Force One which completely nauseated me. Smh someone please defenestrate whoever at Nike authorized the commissioning of these monstrosities. Try not to vomit when you see these pics….Have a good day

I’m sorry you had to witness that.. here’s the regular shoe to balance it out