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I wasn’t really all that pressed about these shoes until recently which is why you haven’t seen any posts about it but they’re starting to look good to me again. I’ll probably end up with them one way or another. Enjoy.

I can’t wait til these drop..

‘Retro’ Blue Foamposites

I haven’t really posted anything about these as far as pics go but here’s the most recent ones. I must say they are making it more and more easier for me to want to purchase more than one pair.

They are supposed to release on July 1st but considering thats a Friday, I’m gonna say they’re probably gonna come out the 2nd

Via NiceKicks

I Swear I Hate This N*gga..

…but you gotta respect his shoe game. If you didn’t know, these (foams) are supposed to release July 1st but probably 2nd

Well I dont reeeallly hate him, more like envy the little-footed nigga

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Sunday Sneaker Mash-Up

Since I’m lazy and don’t feel like doing three separate posts but I thought you all would like these little tidbits. I know I enjoyed them.

First and foremost, as you all know, The Emerald(or in this case Fresh Water) Nike Air Griffey Max II is one of my favorite shoes of all time. And on April 23rd they will be retroed 🙂

Here are the detailed pics of them.

Utter Beauty. Pics from NiceKicks

Next there’s a rumor that the ‘White Cement’ Air Jordan IV’s may be returning some time this year or next. These pics surface a little while ago showcasing a Jumpman on the heel as opposed to the Nike Air that was on the back of the OG’s and if you can’t put two and two together, that means that this pair is probably a sample for a future release. Here are some pics for you to fiend over.

And finally even though these kinda deserve their own post, this will suffice.

These are the ‘Sprite’ Nike LeBron 8 V2 Low. They resemble the ‘Entourage’s a little but they are distinct in their own right. No release info has been revealed yet.

Pics & Info via Nicekicks as well


A Couple of Shoes That Caught My Eye

I been gone for a minute so Ima just post a few pics of some shoes that I find appealing.

First up is this video Wale shot about the Pine Green Foamposite Ones. Supposed to release towards the end of the year. September 1


Next, these are the Cardinal VII’s


And THEN Finally we have these beautiful white and orange Griffey II’s. These come out on April 8th and are PERFECT to me.

Have a good day and good hunting.

My Holy Grails Have a Release Date

April 23, 2011

VIA NiceKicks

My nigga Curren$y. Just watch the video.


And FUCK Jordan Fusions….its like a Air Force 1 dressing up as a Jordan for Halloween

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Penny ONES Coming Out Soon

These are one of the few shoes that I remember having as a kid and I want them. They sexy yo.

Spring 2011

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