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Not To Hype Up Foams But Here’s A New Colorway


But this has been “confirmed” by Counter Kicks as an upcoming Colorway scheduled to drop in Spring 2011.

The CW is labeled Metallic Pewter/Black and is listed with the style code 314996-004

This is only a rendering of what the shoe will look like so I’ll pass judgement when I see actual pics but from these all I can say is..


via: CounterKicks & NT

Breaking News: Coppers DELAYED…*SMFH*

The Coppers have been delayed *tear* there is no news of a new release date but when one surfacs, I will let you know

that is all…

*edit* sorry my pic dnt fit, really too lazy to upload another one tho =/

Dope Comic Strip..Literally

Yo, I seen this a couple days ago but was too lazy to post =/

but this comic is hilarious, I cant lie. In the midst of all this hype over the Copper Dopes

Theshoegame.com made this comic strip called SN’EADS. Enjoy.

Help A Nigga Out !

Yea so I stole this pic but I think its pretty hard

But I have a problem. I’m from the DMV..You know this

But I’m from Baltimore and now i live…*sigh*

If you know of any place ANY PLACE in Southern VA to get some Foams, please et a nigga kno

I been lookin all over for a spot but no luck, pass it on to your friends and see if they know.

Holla !

Weekend Catch-up

Aight, I know I havent posted in a few days so I’m just gonna jump back

First off I heard the Pearl Dopes (Pro’s) are sposed to be droppin on September 1st

Word is that Nike is GR’n them since they sold so well..fine by me, ill finally get a chance to cop

Buuuuuuuuut I prolly wont bein tht im in the middle of nowhere =/…unless a certain *CONTRIBUTOR TO THIS WEBSITE* picks em up for me *cough cough*

here’s a pic

they pretty sweet..

Here is the link to Radii Footwear’s Spring 2010 line

I kinda like their shoes, i think its the straps

this is my favorite pair

And here’s Cudder performing live at Irving Plaza

more to come..

Finally, A Solid Date (Tentatively)

February 13th, 2010