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Bruno Mars is That Dude.

*points to title*

He really is, and I had no idea he was this talented till I came across “The Other Side”. Now I’m listening to this stream of some of his music.

I hope he’s successful on the real.

btw this is the album art for his upcoming EP dropping May 11

I’ve been listening to it since 12 last night

Since I cant put the stream in here for reasons unknown (-_-) you must listen to it elsewhere.

Go here

via: 2DopeBoyz

Sneaker Con NYC ’10

ok so me being the low budget, up-and-coming blogger/sneakerhead that I am…I’m broke.

Obviously lol and needless to say, I dnt get invited nowhere.

But that cant stop me from me from enjoying them(by that I mean stealing pics from other sites lol)

So here are my favorite pics from the aforementioned event, courtesy of SneakerNews, check them out for all the pics

*tear* OG Griffey’s..tied with Eggplant Dopes for the Best shoe/my favorite shoe of all-time

Red Carpet LeBrons

REAL Yeezy's..

Air Max 90 Grand Pianos

*drooling* Miami Vice 95's

I fucks wit this nigga, sweet fit, ridiculously fresh OG's

I’m going one year, with some Bred XI’s on one day..

Niketalk does it again…

I was reading the Retro forums and came across this beautiful piece of info

My favorite pair of shoes of All time could possibly be rereleasing again.


meaning dont quote me on it..but still, I went through so much last year to get these just to miss out on em smh

I was so upset man. I will NOT miss them again if they come out. Luckily its tax season

Just look at them.

so freakin beautiful.

Anyway hopefully they come out, take it for wat it is.

Some Orioles Fly High [The Follow-Up]

So to follow up my story about Orioles’ Outfielder Adam Jones, a pic from his twitter surfaced of his shoe

well cleat, you kno wat I mean..

Personally I think they’re dope

The mix of grey, black and orange is extremely refreshing and it blends well together

like i said before its awesome to see an Orioles’ player getin some shine

Cory Gunz is NASTY

If you aint know yet, Cory Gunz is ill

Who else you know can kick a 5 minute freestyle and it sound this good

Shouts out to the DopeHouse

I’m on the Pursuit of The Happiness…

My favorite artist (Besides Lupe) just released the video for Pursuit of Happiness feat. Ratatat & MGMT off his first album Man On The Moon. This is my favorite song on the album just because of the collaboration. The guitar and other instruments just go so well with the lyrics and beat, its really cool to me. The video has a nice vibe to it and a good idea behind it. Drake and Consequence have cameos.

embed is not working here smh link below

via 2dopeboyz http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/12/08/kid-cudi-pursuit-of-happiness-f-mgmt-ratatat-video/

The Cleveland Show

One of the few good artists out there, Chip Tha Ripper, released a mixtape today called The Cleveland Show. From what I hear its dope and I’m sure it is, but unfortunately, I’m having trouble downloading it. But the artwork is ill and the tracklist and download link is below.

shout out to SlabUp.com http://slabup.com/

Lupe Fiasco-Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

Well, it is Thanksgiving and not only do i want to wish you all a happy holiday but give you the link to Lupe Fiasco’s new mixtape that dropped today. Its already an instant classic to me. And That picture up there isnt the actual cover, I got this from 2dopeboyz. I’m not too big a fan of the original cover but if you like it, its in the folder when you download it. So, on that note…enjoy !!


O, and one more thing, he’s dropping another mixtape on Christmas Day called Friend of the People


Shout out to 2dopeboyz.com http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/11/25/lupe-fiasco-enemy-of-the-state-a-love-story-mixtape/

Charles Hamilton Is Back!!


Finally Sonic is back in all of his pink glory with this new song rightfully entitled Charles Hamilton is Back off of his new project called Normalcy set to drop in December. I for one am happy that he’s coming back, hip hop needs more artists like him these days. Here’s the link to the song




and shouts to 2DopeBoyz.com for the info http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/11/23/charles-hamilton-charles-hamilton-is-back/


Well well well, seems like my prayers have been answered and Lupe is coming out with a new mixtape on Thanksgiving. To me this is a breath of fresh air seeing as though all I’ve been listening to for the past few months is Gucci Mane(smh), Waka Flocka and local artists(not that I don’t enjoy local artists, they make some of the best music). The mixtape is supposedly the newest addition to the “Fahrenheit 1/15 series”. Here’s the video confirming it as well as 3 other albums  and AT LEAST one other mixtape.


I’ll post the link on Thanksgiving when I get it