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Green Lantern The Movie [Costume First Look]

The costume looks dope, it translated very well into real life. I hope the movie is just as good.

*patiently waits for Comic-Con*

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This video popped up on the net yesterday, no one knows if its the trailer for a game or for a new movie.

(I hope its for a movie)

Nevermind, did some diggin before i posted, its a pitch for a new movie

MTV Diary: N.E.R.D

My favorite Band (if you want to call them that) was taped for MTV Diary joint and it aired in Europe but not over here.

I think thats hella petty but at least we can view the footage on YouTube.. Anyway here’s the footage

The MOST Creative Promo I Have Ever Seen In My Life

Leave it to the Gorrilaz to create one of the most creative promos i have ever witnessed.

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that The Gorillaz just released the single Stylo off of their upcoming album Plastic Beach

So to build a buzz, they decided to release a bunch of snippets from the album in these Youtube videos showing off the various parts of the beach.

Its actually pretty sick. Look.

The Bird’s Eye

The Sun Deck (My Personal Favorite)

Night Lighthouse(Second Favorite)

Night Pier


Plane Dock

These all sound good to me, cant wait till the album drops

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Iron Man 2

I came across this dope trailer from the sequel to one of the best comic-movies in recent history Iron Man on the internet and I am actually kinda pumped to see the movie. Well, this post is kinda self-explanatory sooooooo heres the video( I finally got embed to work !).

Was that Don Cheadle AND Samuel L. Jackson?? Awwww shyt now, get ready for some angry cussing rants from Sam and probably another memorable line from both (see Snakes on a Plane)