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I Swear I Hate This N*gga..

…but you gotta respect his shoe game. If you didn’t know, these (foams) are supposed to release July 1st but probably 2nd

Well I dont reeeallly hate him, more like envy the little-footed nigga

From NiceKicks

A Post About Nothing.

(It should be noted that I love this damn promo)

Wale is coming out with a new mixtape next month on August 3rd. A sequel to my favorite mixtape of his The Mixtape About Nothing. I can’t wait, here’s the link to the song he put out from it.

Wale – Workin

I’m not-so-patiently waiting for this mixtape to drop.

Props go out to The DopeHouse

The Realest Interview I Ever Read…Tru Shyt

Ok so if your readin this chances are you live in the DMV and more than that EVERYONE reading this should know Wale

With that being said, he is actually a very intellectual individual and offered a pretty insightful view on love in this interview with Go-Go Answer..

My home girl Che put me on with this interview, I really clicked with it.

I’ve decided to pursue monogamy this year because #thatthing is beautiful. I literally drove down South Dakota Avenue with a North Face coat (the big joint) some basketball shorts, a wifebeater, and Timberlands. (Nike boots were muddy) on a summer night, because I wanted to show her “how real these tears are.”

Click the link to read because I actually can’t copy and paste the article.

Better Than Just Waiting In Line

Here we Find in yet another of one of my late night scavenges of the internet, Wale and J. Cole kickin a mean freestyle after a show in Champaign, IL in a Denny’s of all places. Its ill tho from two up and coming artists.

Good  looks to 2dopeboyz.com for the link