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Penny ONES Coming Out Soon

These are one of the few shoes that I remember having as a kid and I want them. They sexy yo.

Spring 2011

Via: KicksonFire

Atlantic Penny II Restock

The Penny II came out in 3 GR cw’s last year and one QS, this ironically is the QS that had everybody scramblin around trying to grab a pair.

But they have been restocked and are starting to hit some Foot Lockers and Foot Actions, also I saw them on Eastbay.com not too long ago.

This is actually my favorite pair and would like to get my hands on a pair but idk if its in my budget since the Eggplants are coming out soon. Ill check my spot to see if they have them though.

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Release Details

Its almost that time of year for the much anticipated release of The Space Jam Jordans. Well to be exact, The Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam” . More details have surfaced about the speculated release of these such as a concrete release date and pricing. They will release on December 24th as a quickstrike most likely for $175. Good luck trying to get a pair on Christmas Eve along with the last minute Christmas shoppers. I hope you wish me luck too because Ima be out there, hopefully i can secure a pair from my spot but I’m not gettin my hopes up. Below is a bonus picture of my favorite Old School Baller Penny Hardaway being guarded by Jordan with these on. Classic.

shout out to SneakerObsession http://www.sneakerobsession.com/19894/air-jordan-11-retro-space-jam-release-date-confirmation/