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I wasn’t really all that pressed about these shoes until recently which is why you haven’t seen any posts about it but they’re starting to look good to me again. I’ll probably end up with them one way or another. Enjoy.

‘Retro’ Blue Foamposites

I haven’t really posted anything about these as far as pics go but here’s the most recent ones. I must say they are making it more and more easier for me to want to purchase more than one pair.

They are supposed to release on July 1st but considering thats a Friday, I’m gonna say they’re probably gonna come out the 2nd

Via NiceKicks

Today’s The Day

Well today is February 13th meaning the Copper Foamposites released today, and unfortunately I won’t be getting mine until later on this week. =/

but i just thought Id pass the info onto yall. Rumor is that these are a massive release so it shouldnt be all that hard to snag a pair.

Now that pic is stolen from a dude on #NT but they so sexy smh. I happened to have seen them in person a few days ago and they are beautiful in person.

Breaking News: Coppers DELAYED…*SMFH*

The Coppers have been delayed *tear* there is no news of a new release date but when one surfacs, I will let you know

that is all…

*edit* sorry my pic dnt fit, really too lazy to upload another one tho =/

Dope Comic Strip..Literally

Yo, I seen this a couple days ago but was too lazy to post =/

but this comic is hilarious, I cant lie. In the midst of all this hype over the Copper Dopes

Theshoegame.com made this comic strip called SN’EADS. Enjoy.

Help A Nigga Out !

Yea so I stole this pic but I think its pretty hard

But I have a problem. I’m from the DMV..You know this

But I’m from Baltimore and now i live…*sigh*

If you know of any place ANY PLACE in Southern VA to get some Foams, please et a nigga kno

I been lookin all over for a spot but no luck, pass it on to your friends and see if they know.

Holla !

Weekend Catch-up

Aight, I know I havent posted in a few days so I’m just gonna jump back

First off I heard the Pearl Dopes (Pro’s) are sposed to be droppin on September 1st

Word is that Nike is GR’n them since they sold so well..fine by me, ill finally get a chance to cop

Buuuuuuuuut I prolly wont bein tht im in the middle of nowhere =/…unless a certain *CONTRIBUTOR TO THIS WEBSITE* picks em up for me *cough cough*

here’s a pic

they pretty sweet..

Here is the link to Radii Footwear’s Spring 2010 line

I kinda like their shoes, i think its the straps

this is my favorite pair

And here’s Cudder performing live at Irving Plaza

more to come..

My Eggplant Holy Grail..

Niketalk does it again…

I was reading the Retro forums and came across this beautiful piece of info

My favorite pair of shoes of All time could possibly be rereleasing again.


meaning dont quote me on it..but still, I went through so much last year to get these just to miss out on em smh

I was so upset man. I will NOT miss them again if they come out. Luckily its tax season

Just look at them.

so freakin beautiful.

Anyway hopefully they come out, take it for wat it is.

Finally, A Solid Date (Tentatively)

February 13th, 2010

New Pics of Copper Foamposites

Well well well, what do we have here? New pics of the most anticipated shoe of 2010 so far

The Nike Air Foamposite One “Dirty Copper”

i found these on KicksonFire a few minutes ago. But this just makes my wait that much longer smh

But to all my Foamheads out there, enjoy !