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These are dopppeeeee. I want a pair even though I don’t remember when they originally released for i was too young you guys.

They’re out already. Go cop yours

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I Don’t Like IX’s But….

I must admit these are pretty dope.

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June 19th..

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So by now everyone believes that this pack is releasing in June but no retailer has legitimately confirmed the existence of such pack.

These pics suggest otherwise. These show the packaging (or an early form of such) but is it going to be an Overseas only release?What do you think?

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2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: Coke White Pippens

Quick post before I sleep to keep things rolling.

I know alot of people are looking forward to these (including me)

nice clean all white shoeSome stores have em now but they not set to release for a few weeks tho

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2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: More AM1s

These are sexy, hopefully they’ll be 94.99 and hit stateside

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In case you didn’t know, there are no red foams (as of right now) right now. The ones that are releasing are just like the ones that released in ’07 except the soles aren’t solid.

They are the samples from the ’07s if you’ve seen em.

Here’s the ’07 pair

and these are the ones that are coming out in June

basically they just made the sole translucent as opposed to solid

Either way I’ll probably cop because I missed out on the ’07s. And hopefully there are alot of people out there think like NT and wont cop.

Im really not feelin to Stand In Line. Here’s a few more pics for you to savor on.

What do you think about them?

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I’m not really that big a fan of boat shoes, you might catch me in some Vans from time to time tho, but these are cool.

They Lacoste and I dnt wear that but these colorways are pretty sweet. Knowing Lacoste they’ll prolly cost an arm, a leg and 2 sternums tho >.>

They are available now at select Lacoste retail stores, Im gonna have to check the one in Towson next week..

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2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: Well Not So Much..

Well as my faithful readers already know, I am financially suffering by being in the middle of nowhere.

So I’m always lookin for a deal. I think these are a steal, they look so good.

Simple, and Flashy at the same time. And they’re Air Maxes so they have got to be comfortable.

What you think?

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May 1st is the new release date..

haven’t bought a pair of white shoes in a while =\

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