Again, I will remind everyone reading this how much I do love Nikki Jean, her music, her demeanor, her appearance, and most of all, her spirit. She always seems upbeat and optimistic, the world needs more people like her. Also as I have said before I am ecstatic that her album is finally coming out. It is great to hear that after all she’s been through that her debut album is finally releasing and today she released the official album art and tracklist via her official website. Here’s the art and hit the link for the tracklist and her newest song.

I personally think this is an excellent choice for cover art because of her style of music. Her music has a real jazzy feel to it and is very relaxing to listen to so this simple art is very appropriate. And not to mention she is gorgeous as usual ^_^.


Pennies In A Jar available on July 12th.

How To Unring A Bell
Steel And Feathers (Don’t Ever)
La Di Da Di Da
My Love
Pennies In A Jar
What’s A Girl Supposed To Do?
Million Star Motel
Patty Crash
Mercy Of Love
Sex, Lies And Sunshine

And listen to her track ‘My Love’ that she wrote alongside Motown’s Lamont Dzier here 

Congrats again Ms. Jean, When will you be in Baltimore? Lol

Via The Nikki Jean Project