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RIP Jonas Bevacqua

Man this might be the worst news I’ve heard in a while that isn’t related to family. One of my idols, like legit IDOLS, Jonas Bevacqua was found dead this morning in LA. If you don’t know who he is, he is the Co-Founder of LRG, my favorite streetwear brand of all time. He was only 34 years old man, like how can something like this happen. I’ve heard rumors that he had drug problems but come on man…34? That shit is crazy. Early rumors are saying that it might have been Syrup, Promethazine, that killed him. At least he dies in his sleep. I remember a few years back I tried so hard to get an internship with him, just to meet him. He truly pioneered the streetwear scene. LRG ruled the clothing scene a few years back and I still wear it faithfully. I’m really in shock man. I won’t rant any longer though, our prayers go out to his family and company.

Here’s a link to the MTV story


One of my favorite artist on G.O.O.D. music.. Talks real shit no doubt..


I Want You

Cee-Lo did a video for his fourth single off of ‘The Lady Killer’, I Want You’I love the vibe of this song and think he did a pretty good job on the video. Enjoy,

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My man Big Sean is finally releasing his debut album. This long awaited cd has been looked forward to by many fans, including myself, for years now, kinda surreal that its actually coming out to be honest. The release date has gotten pushed back again and the new date is June 28th. I personally can’t wait to hear it, I can only hope that its not the new commercial Big Sean but the more introspective and frankly effort-ready Sean that I grew to love (||). Who knows though, here is the album art up top and down below a video on which he talks about who might be on the album as well as some people who did production.

*crosses fingers for Old Sean and not Mainstream Sean*

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This is a clip of Malice speaking on him changing his name soon and how he feels about the Clipse’s music. I’m curious as to what he’ll change it to, just gotta wait and see though.

Malice of The Clipse: The Big Picture from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

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After God knows how long since we’ve heard new music from the songstress, this unreleased track has been unearthed.

<span><a href=””>Lauryn Hill – Repercussions</a> by <a href=””>Hypetrak</a></span&gt;

I like it, has a nice vibe to it. That kinda music that we’ve been missing. I hope more music ‘surfaces’

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New Ye [Well Sorta]

The big homie Yeezy was at Facebook’s headquarters yesterday and performed some music from the album. Here it is, direct from RapRadar

“Chain Heavy and a freestyle possibly”

“Mama’s Boyfriend”

No title =\

And then today the Louie Vuitton Don made a Twitter account where he revealed that the albums name had changed and as of now has no definite title.*patiently waits for Ye to spazz*

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My nigga Curren$y. Just watch the video.


And FUCK Jordan Fusions….its like a Air Force 1 dressing up as a Jordan for Halloween

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Detox is a Making to much got damn money to worry about what you niggas are listening He just care how you listen to it. Thats where the real money So I bow to Mr.Look out for Detox 22 times a

The first single from Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 (which is long over due but its all good) With Shawty Redd on tha track(thought he was in jail..?!)Album drop 9/28