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Goodbye Baseball, Hello Cooperstown

Nike made this commercial to honor The Kid, showcasing the prettiest swing in Baseball.

First off, who would have guessed that I would stick with this website this long?  I surprised myself to be honest. What a way to celebrate by dedicating this post to my favorite baseball player of all time. The Kid Ken Griffey.

21 Seasons.

630 Homeruns.

1800+ RBI’s.

Countless number of hearts touched…

I don’t know what to say about this man, he’s the reason I picked up a glove and got out there. Always been my fav player for as long as I can remember. He made me the Mariners fan I am today..

sad to see the man go but all good things must come to an end =\. Here’s some of my favorite pics from throughout his careerpeep the emeralds.

Thanx for the memories Griff.

100th Post !!/ Griffey Restock

Yeaaaaa bytch ! To all y’all niggas that said I wouldnt stay dedicated and all that shyt…


And to everybody else, thanks for reading and I hope you continue to visit daily

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand for the 100th post, its only fitting to have one of favorite shoes featured

Yes, the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 is currently being restocked at certain places

I plan on getting a pair unless I get the Copper Dopes but thats kind of a stretch now 😥

I think this gotta be one of the best ads of all-time, this kinda sold the shoe to me the first time..

I remember when I had this as the bg to my G1 *sigh* old times

Anyway hopefully these are better quality than the ones I got



Ayyyyyye Mariners !!

Its going to be a good season for the Seattle Mariners man. They’ve been extremely active this offseason bringing in several impact players from other teams and free agency. First we signed the big homie Ken Griffey Jr. to another 1 year deal. Then there’s that little 4 team deal in which brought Cliff Lee over to Seattle. And on top of that, we just got Milton Bradley from the Cubs in exchange for Carlos Silva. So let’s see, thats one of the top pitchers in the league, one of the best sluggers and an all-time great on top of a good team from last year. I’m ready for the season to start. (now why couldnt the Orioles make deals like this?)

Now if Nike would just release these Griffey’s since this might be his last year in Seattle…