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Today’s The Day

Well today is February 13th meaning the Copper Foamposites released today, and unfortunately I won’t be getting mine until later on this week. =/

but i just thought Id pass the info onto yall. Rumor is that these are a massive release so it shouldnt be all that hard to snag a pair.

Now that pic is stolen from a dude on #NT but they so sexy smh. I happened to have seen them in person a few days ago and they are beautiful in person.

Breaking News: Coppers DELAYED…*SMFH*

The Coppers have been delayed *tear* there is no news of a new release date but when one surfacs, I will let you know

that is all…

*edit* sorry my pic dnt fit, really too lazy to upload another one tho =/

Dope Comic Strip..Literally

Yo, I seen this a couple days ago but was too lazy to post =/

but this comic is hilarious, I cant lie. In the midst of all this hype over the Copper Dopes

Theshoegame.com made this comic strip called SN’EADS. Enjoy.

Finally, A Solid Date (Tentatively)

February 13th, 2010

Copper Dopes

It is extremely fitting that my first post be about my favorite pair of shoes on the planet and even though they are not the Eggplant Ones, they’re still foams and I’m a fan. These are the Copper colorway of the Nike Air Foamposite Ones. They still don’t have a set release date but it is almost certain to be in the first quarter 2010 (probably February). But until then, enjoy these new pics.