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I Want You

Cee-Lo did a video for his fourth single off of ‘The Lady Killer’, I Want You’I love the vibe of this song and think he did a pretty good job on the video. Enjoy,

via: Hypebeast


I honestly don’t know where this mixtape came from but I’m not gonna complain tho.

Don’t feel like doing a big post so here’s the link below

Cee-Lo Green – Stray Bullets

courtesy of The U.R.G & Onsmash

New Cee-Lo *Fist Pump*

Mr. Cee-Lo Green will always have a spot on this blog. This is the first single off his upcoming album, scheduled to drop later this year titled The Lady Killer.

I love the vocals on this song and  im not surprised by that at all. Enjoy

Cee-Lo Green – Georgia

^^^that is the free version but if you want to support the atrist (which I encourage) here’s the link to the song on iTunes

Yea You Really Make My Day..

*hums tune* I REALLY really love this song. Probably my favorite song on Universal Mind Control

Recently Snooky found the video, and I appreciate that. Now I can post it.

New Music From Cee-Lo

As you know I’m a big fan of Cee-Lo (As well as Gnarls Barkley). his voice is very unique and his music is more often than not outstandingly enjoyable.

And this song is no exception. Here’s to hoping Cee-Lo releases more music *raises glass*

Cee-Lo – I  Want You

DL link via: 2DopeBoyz

Info seen first at Rap Radar tho

This guy has a really pure sound, I’m slowly becoming a fan. This song is so good tho.

And y’all know I love Cee-Lo right?

*searches for more of his music*

The Other Side- Bruno Mars feat. Cee-Lo and B.o.B

via: 2DopeBoyz