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Its no secret that I’ve had mixed feelings about this particular shoe. But after seeing them in person I must say that I like them.

Needless to say they’re out now. Go cop your pair

Fuck the Lakers tho *shrug*


No Matter How Hard You Try

This nigga Ron Artest is exactly that. A Nigga. No matter how hard you try, you can’t hide who you are, whether good or bad. And in Ron Artest’s case its not always good. This NIGGA stated in an interview that when he used to play for the Bulls he used to drink Hennessey(spelling?) at half-time….What kinda nigga does som shyt like that? So you goin be wasted at the half, stealing niggas’ beers out the stand (and he kno damn well he dnt need to be up in the stands no more). Just goes to show you that you can take a nigga out the hood but you cant change the overall nigga. Just look at the pic up here, straight nigga..but i respect that