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A Couple of Shoes That Caught My Eye

I been gone for a minute so Ima just post a few pics of some shoes that I find appealing.

First up is this video Wale shot about the Pine Green Foamposite Ones. Supposed to release towards the end of the year. September 1


Next, these are the Cardinal VII’s


And THEN Finally we have these beautiful white and orange Griffey II’s. These come out on April 8th and are PERFECT to me.

Have a good day and good hunting.

These are ok. I’d cop on a discount. That’s it

Via: SneakerObsession

So I was on Foot Locker tryna see whats not excluded in the F & F this weekend and saw these on Foot Locker Unlocked.

Im not a big fan of the silohuette but this CW makes the shoe look really good to me, I might pick these up at some point.

These are supposed to drop in May.

via Foot Locker Unlocked