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I can’t wait til these drop..


One of my favorite artist on G.O.O.D. music.. Talks real shit no doubt..


On my mind.. V.1

Well.. Since my last post I have been thinking about alot of things.. One of them happen to be life and the way I live it.. Great example.. do you know how much I spend on shoes? A year ago I didn’t see nothing wrong with spending 200 dollars on a pair of shoes that Iam only gonna wear once or twice.. but I had to think about it. How is gonna fit in the long run or when I become father? Will I still have these shoes? Will I still be buying kicks? It took me three days to come up with a answer.. Here it is..
At some point in our lives we grow-up.. And as we grow we understand that priorities are priorites which means that they come first.. Like bills and our children.. I would be more proud to say “I paid my bill on time” or “Im paying for my child to get a great education” than to say “I got them jordans”.. Im not saying you shouldnt be proud of your j’s cause im proud of mine.. But Im 19.. And I only got 2 bills n I make sure they paid on the due date before I buy some kicks.. The matter of the fact is priorities, and the fact of the matter is grown up.. May be in great structure but Im

This is the only collaboration of the month. G-Shock x Evangelion(a Japanese Anime franchise)And this one down here is A special edition Frogman to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Takashi Murakami’s Japanese radio station Tokyo FM.

Shit is 3,000 though -_-. If you still care RD is 9/11
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[Dope Shit] Iron Man Mark VI Figures

I’m not the biggest fan of toys or whatever but these are dope.  They’re by Hot Toys and they are 1/6 scale replica toys of the Mark VI armor from Iron Man 2.

It looks beautiful and if the toy looks like this, I’ll be picking one up. It comes with battle damaged parts and a stand. Scheduled for a release in late 2010 or early 2011.

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This is the only way I know how to say it without being in person.. So just press play..

Detox is a Making to much got damn money to worry about what you niggas are listening He just care how you listen to it. Thats where the real money So I bow to Mr.Look out for Detox 22 times a

The first single from Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 (which is long over due but its all good) With Shawty Redd on tha track(thought he was in jail..?!)Album drop 9/28


Omg the shoes is ugly.. I think the Foamposite Blazer was enough. Maybe If I see it in person I feel a lil different bout it. Well until February this classic shoe with the classic material is a classic disaster of a Jordan.. Me and Gum_soul had this talk before. Let us know how u feel boute’m.