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VH1 Storytellers Bonus Footage

Aight we had a little hiatus but back to blogging !

Last year Kanye did VH1 Storytellers and it was their best one, in my opinion

Tomorrow 808’s and Heartbreaks is rereleasing as a cd/dvd combination and it features bonus footage from the performance

here is a clip of Paranoid and Homecoming underneath

btw I love the outfit

How G.O.O.D Can a Remix Be?

Yea, I’m up extra late tonight and what do bored niggas in the middle of nowhere do? Surf the net and blog and since I’m already bored of the world wide web, I’ll take the latter. In my boredom, I came across this song by 6 of my favorite artists. It’s called “Whatever You Want” with Consequence, John Legend, Kanye West, Common, Kid Cudi and Big Sean. Here’s the download link, enjoy.


Props to TwoDopeBoyz for the info