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Black Mamba !!…No?

Yea, its my birthday and all but the internet and subsequently news itself stops for no one.

Sad story =/

but still it is a well documented fact here that I’m not Kobe’s biggest fan(King James ! 23)

But that does not mean I dont respect the dedication he puts into the game and his shoes of late are sweet to say the least.

With that being said, he had 4 versions of his newest shoe, The Nike Zoom Kobe V

These are the two models I’ve seen, first up. The Nike Zoom Kobe V “Chaos”

Inspired by The Joker from the Dark Knight, the shoe is done using similar colors to his get-up in the movie

Now theirs the Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Dark Knight’ (my favorite)

This takes inspiration from the actual movie poster, Kobe himself asked for this shoe to represent the “darker side” of his personality

And finally the last of the ones I know about are the Nike Zoom Kobe V ‘Bruce Lee’

This pair is dedicated Kobe’s love for Kung Fu

The colorway takes direct inspiration from two movies in which Bruce Lee starred in

The yellow comes from the bodysuit he wore in “The Game of Death” and the claw marks come from the scratches he sustained in “Enter The Dragon

Think Pink

I’m an avid supporter of mostly anything that has anything to do with Breast Cancer because alot of my friends have had family members fall victim to the disease and I love Nike(undoubtedly). So when I first heard of the Think Pink/Box Out Breast Cancer Campaign, I was thrilled that Nike is actually doing something proactive and positive. They will be putting out shoes with Pink themes and some proceeds(not sure exactly how much) will go to Breast Cancer Research. There is a rumor that there might be a pair of pink Foamposites wandering around somewhere but who knows, this is a photoshop that BPtheOwner over at Niketalk.com did. if you see em let me kno bruh. These the pair of Air Max Lebron VII pe’s and the Nike Air Kobe IV’s.

via: HypeBeast http://hypebeast.com/2009/12/nike-basketball-lebron-james-vii-pink/

No Matter How Hard You Try

This nigga Ron Artest is exactly that. A Nigga. No matter how hard you try, you can’t hide who you are, whether good or bad. And in Ron Artest’s case its not always good. This NIGGA stated in an interview that when he used to play for the Bulls he used to drink Hennessey(spelling?) at half-time….What kinda nigga does som shyt like that? So you goin be wasted at the half, stealing niggas’ beers out the stand (and he kno damn well he dnt need to be up in the stands no more). Just goes to show you that you can take a nigga out the hood but you cant change the overall nigga. Just look at the pic up here, straight nigga..but i respect that