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Go The F*&% To Sleep [LatePass?]

Son, I don’t know if its old but it is hilarious to hear Samuel L. Jackson read this book just because your so used to hearing that nigga cursing in movies.


Call of Duty is easily one of the most popular game series’ out right now and the next installment, Modern Warfare 3 is due out this year. This time around, they returned to Modern Warfare as opposed to Black Ops which just released last year. Here’s all the individual trailers, well really teasers, that aired on tv. The action takes place in various places this time around and for the first time there are actually plots and levels based in New York City




And finally France

These videos are perfect teasers in my opinion and here is the gameplay trailer that aired during the NBA Playoffs

Hit the link for the spoilers Continue reading

And this is true of kanye West’s new video for Power. Here it is.

This might be the one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Definitely the most interesting and creative.

These are details to the video by the director I believe.

So what exactly is the piece?
Well, it’s a video portrait of Kanye. It starts with a very tight shot introducing him that’s kind of a reinvention of a neoclassical painting. It pulls back from the shot, without any cuts, and we reveal the video canvas, populated by all these characters who are depicted in various stages of undress and decadence. The iconography comes from Roman iconography, Renaissance iconography, and it connects to the sexuality of the music as well. As we reveal the setting for it, there’s a feeling of a moment of transition for him. A fall from grace, if you will. It visualizes power, and him as the icon as power, and then at the end of the piece it challenges the power that I set up at the beginning. It’s an elliptical piece of storytelling.

How did you guys end up using that kind of imagery?
He approached me via my gallery and he wanted to do something that wasn’t a music video. He wanted a video work that would accompany the music. I said, “That’s great, because I don’t do music videos.” I wanted to give it an epic feeling. The song feels very personal, but the orchestration and the production of the track is epic and I wanted to give it something hypersensational and exaggerated.

And I understand you’ve heard that Dark Twisted Fantasy is the name of the album?
I’ve heard that’s the latest name. I would say not locked-in, and it would probably not get locked until closer to the time of the album release.

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I figured I’d do a post with something everybody loves. Enjoy.


By now you should have heard about Mel Gibson’s little rant to his wife that she Oh so deceptively recorded. Well if you didn’t I am here to share the white woman! (you’ll see what I did there soon)

I can’t embed the video here but here is the link of Mel Gibson’s Completely PETTY rant to his wife. I found it shockingly ignorant yet humorous.

If you get raped by a pack of niggers, it’ll be your fault(c) Mel Gibson

Thought Provoking Material.

As you all know, Lupe is my favorite artist and I am well aware of his ridiculously in depth use of metaphors in his lyrics but I never took the time to break them all down. But I found someone who did. And I must say, its rather interesting.

I’m not gonna post the whole story but this guy breaks down all the metaphors in ‘I’m Beamin’ some are reaches but not most. Here’s a video he included where Lu explains the ulterior motives and messages behind The Cool

Interesting to say the least.

Read the Rest here

This has to be one of the Dopest pictures I’ve ever seen.

Love Always Shines Everytime and Remember to Smile

The Rap

Here’s a J. Cole freestyle that I found over at The DopeHouse

That boy got talent.

And The Joke

Nigga I swear this video had me ROLLIN when I saw it this morning.

LMFAO @ Waka’s part alkngfsdkjhbjgh

Thank You For Reading. Now Have a Good Freakin Day

This video popped up on the net yesterday, no one knows if its the trailer for a game or for a new movie.

(I hope its for a movie)

Nevermind, did some diggin before i posted, its a pitch for a new movie

Spanking Tho?


Tightrope was made for the people. Every time you step outside you’re dealing with life and you’re trying to stay sane, for a lack of better words. Balance, to me, is the key; not getting too high, not getting too low – that’s what Tightrope represents. It’s like life’s tutorial on how to actually make it through life without becoming insane and driving yourself to a life full of hatred and just not wanting to be here.

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Videos For Teh Lulz ^_^

I come across funny videos all the time and today I’m gonna share them with you.

First up is this one which is rather self explanatory..

LOL and then this I found once I returned from VA. lamflskgjsigjsgjjeogs

Bonus video:

N’s autotuned it *DEAD*


smh man