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Have You Seen Her?

So in today’s news Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon officially stepped down from her position leaving the power to Ms. Stephanie Rawlings Blake

But at the press conference Ms. Blake was nowhere to be found.


Shouldnt she be there?

This makes me wonder where she was, doing her job?  Celebrating? Hanging out like wet clothes?

Id put my money on celebrating son.

Fuck You Mean?

Yo I swear I just seen the funniest Youtube video ever

Watch this shyt, this is how niggas talk in Baltimore if you didnt kno lol

Niggas virtually Packin

I Have Returned

I’m back in the City that kills reads, back after a long semester in the Middle of Nowhere, VA

Gotta love where your from..

Where We Coming From

Remember all of those times you’ve had your heart-broken or got your hopes up for something that didn’t materialize and thought you were alone? We’re here to tell you your not. We are here, we been through it and we make clothes based off of these experiences. We are an up and coming streetwear brand focusing on the dark side of love, the bright side of hate. The part of love and life that people don’t shed light on. Based out of Baltimore, MD two young men trying to piece together this puzzle we call life. We Are The Love-Haterz