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Again, I will remind everyone reading this how much I do love Nikki Jean, her music, her demeanor, her appearance, and most of all, her spirit. She always seems upbeat and optimistic, the world needs more people like her. Also as I have said before I am ecstatic that her album is finally coming out. It is great to hear that after all she’s been through that her debut album is finally releasing and today she released the official album art and tracklist via her official website. Here’s the art and hit the link for the tracklist and her newest song.

I personally think this is an excellent choice for cover art because of her style of music. Her music has a real jazzy feel to it and is very relaxing to listen to so this simple art is very appropriate. And not to mention she is gorgeous as usual ^_^.

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RIP Jonas Bevacqua

Man this might be the worst news I’ve heard in a while that isn’t related to family. One of my idols, like legit IDOLS, Jonas Bevacqua was found dead this morning in LA. If you don’t know who he is, he is the Co-Founder of LRG, my favorite streetwear brand of all time. He was only 34 years old man, like how can something like this happen. I’ve heard rumors that he had drug problems but come on man…34? That shit is crazy. Early rumors are saying that it might have been Syrup, Promethazine, that killed him. At least he dies in his sleep. I remember a few years back I tried so hard to get an internship with him, just to meet him. He truly pioneered the streetwear scene. LRG ruled the clothing scene a few years back and I still wear it faithfully. I’m really in shock man. I won’t rant any longer though, our prayers go out to his family and company.

Here’s a link to the MTV story


Welp, its 3:30 in the morning and I’m wide awake, no excitement from early in the day or nothing interesting on tv that’s keeping me up. Just me, the music playing from my Evo Shift and my sporatic yet persistent thoughts. I’ve never really gone into detail about why I can’t sleep but if you’ve noticed, most of my posts on the blog come at or around this time. I’m always thinking and my thought process is very, very hard to describe. It helps me work quickly (i.e tests, essays and such) but it also prevents me from having a normal sleeping pattern because I can never stop thinking. Often times I have been physically tired but can never get my thoughts to cease or at least slow down long enough for me to rest for a few hours. And even when they do allow me some down time it is short-lived, for I still have awoken earlier than expected only to experience intense fatigue. It seems as if I never slept in the first place.

And that is only the introduction to the complexity that is my mind, I haven’t even begun to explain the ridiculously intricate and mentally exhausting dreams I experience. There have been PLENTY of times where I have woken up in the morning sweating, in tears or out of breath from these dreams that demand so much of me and feel so real. In the past, these have been described as ‘Night Terrors’, far more terrifying, real and detailed than a normal Nightmare. I recall several times in my life (especially in the summer of 2009) where I stayed up several days in a row for fear of experiencing another night terror. Shits crazy man.

But not all of my dreams are night terrors and as a result, I have some really detailed dreams. Seeing people from my past or present in situations that my conscious being can only imagine. Just as the night terrors are so realistic that I find it hard to distinguish them from reality sometimes, these dreams are too. I have had dreams that my relationships had worked out differently, that I been spending times with deceased relatives or even that my life was better off than it currently is. I have also woken up shook from these too.

I mean, shit is weird son but what can I do about it? Just wanted to vent for a second. Life is crazy and all we can do most of the time is deal so along with my issues come wisdom that I take with me in life. I tend to think that makes things at least a little better. Welcome to the mind of a Mildly-Depressed Genius. Peace and Blessings. 

One of my favorite artist on G.O.O.D. music.. Talks real shit no doubt..


On my mind.. V.1

Well.. Since my last post I have been thinking about alot of things.. One of them happen to be life and the way I live it.. Great example.. do you know how much I spend on shoes? A year ago I didn’t see nothing wrong with spending 200 dollars on a pair of shoes that Iam only gonna wear once or twice.. but I had to think about it. How is gonna fit in the long run or when I become father? Will I still have these shoes? Will I still be buying kicks? It took me three days to come up with a answer.. Here it is..
At some point in our lives we grow-up.. And as we grow we understand that priorities are priorites which means that they come first.. Like bills and our children.. I would be more proud to say “I paid my bill on time” or “Im paying for my child to get a great education” than to say “I got them jordans”.. Im not saying you shouldnt be proud of your j’s cause im proud of mine.. But Im 19.. And I only got 2 bills n I make sure they paid on the due date before I buy some kicks.. The matter of the fact is priorities, and the fact of the matter is grown up.. May be in great structure but Im


This is a clip of Malice speaking on him changing his name soon and how he feels about the Clipse’s music. I’m curious as to what he’ll change it to, just gotta wait and see though.

Malice of The Clipse: The Big Picture from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

Via 2DopeBoyz and Ruby Hornet

Update On Our Progress

Just a little heads up in case anybody was wondering, we are still trying to start our brand but me being in school slows everything up. Lord Willin’ this summer we can launch some clothes. I noticed an influx of views recently and I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who clicked a link, bookmarked, subscribed, whatever you do to help out. I appreciate it. We will keep yall updated as things progress.

Oh and I think I’m gonna start posting some of my poetry on here sooner or later so keep your eyes open.


Guess Who’s Back?

Yeah I’m back.

I ain’t goin get into much about what went on while I was out but I’d like to personally thank everybody who still frequented the website during our absence. I have noticed the views and it touches my black ass heart *sniffle*

You might notice a few differences here and there but we’re still the same two niggas. We did change the name a few times but we haven’t really decided on an exact one yet.

But on the real, preciate that shit. We just had some shit to deal with. I’m about to catch y’all up on some stuff I feel is necessary.

This is the only way I know how to say it without being in person.. So just press play..

Detox is a Making to much got damn money to worry about what you niggas are listening He just care how you listen to it. Thats where the real money So I bow to Mr.Look out for Detox 22 times a