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Mama’s Boyfriend

Idk if this is gonna come out right but fuck it. Here’s the CDQ of a song I posted a while ago, before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy came out, and that he performs on tour called “Mama’s Boyfriend”.

Listen to it here since apparently I can’t do this properly from my phone

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I seen this on someone tumblur..


sometimes we complain about the cross we bear not realizing that it’s preparing us for the dip in the road that God can see and we cannot…

Nike Air Max Griffey Fury – Spring 2012

OMG Theses are just crack.. Nike is known for remixing their OG models, and the Air Max Griffey Fury is the definition of remix. We’re not sure why Nike didn’t release the original model, the Air Diamond Fury, but here’s an early look the updated model that will hit retailers Spring 2012. This Griffey hybrid features 360 Air Max cushioning, #24 on the ankle panel, and “JR” on the tongue. Look for these three colorways to release Spring 2012

The Lion King Movie Returns in 3-D!

The Oscar-winning film will arrive in 3-D for the first time on September 16, 2011, but only for a two-week window. Don’t worry, if you miss it in theaters, you can see it on DVD not too long afterwards in Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3-D starting October 4.

The Hiatus

I felt the need to come on here and just kinda apologize to our faithful readers who’ve come to expect posts from here. Sorry guys, Me and Damo been dealing with shit in the real life. Like school and all that good stuff… So from me, I apologize for the lack of posts and info and shit. Once I got situated at school Ima start posting regularly again. So peace

Oh and feel free to tweet me or something @Gum_Soul

Nike Air Trainer Max 91 Grey/Yellow

My favorite color is yellow so these are certified dope to me. What you think?

This is a collabo that i did not see coming but im glad it happen. I think that Rick Ross could have done way better on the rhymes tho, being as Cee-lo brought that pain and struggle to the table. But over all its a great song that you should check out.. No I.D. on tha track so you know its ill..


Star Wars X Tom Tom [Made Me Chuckle]

I know theres a lot of die-hard Star Wars fans out there and this may be that little piece of the franchise that they need in their everyday lives.

Tom Tom is releasing a Star Wars voice pack for those who want it. Here’s the BTS vids.

Kinda funny to me.

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Who is this sexy beast? 8o