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Synik- The ArtaSyn

The first S.O.B artist just released his mixtape last night, I would’ve posted last night but I had to handle some other business haha

Anyway I had the mixtape playing since I downloaded and I recommend it to your iTunes.

Great lyrics as always. And without further ado here is the link

Synik- The ArtaSyn

Aight next up, my nigga A.M.

I met this nigga not too while ago and I know they say first impressions are irreplacable..

And after talking to him, I knew he was a real nigga. I fucks with this mixtape too, his lyrics are on point and intricate.

My type of music.

Download the mixtape here

Shouts once more to my nigga Mali for serving as a medium for us to meet

Straight Outta Baltimore [Part III]

The Next S.O.B artist that will be featured on this blog is a good friend of mine and one of the best battle rappers I Know

My mans Murda out the Heights. He run wit dem Collison Connect Niggas

Here’s One of his battles straight from youtuuuuube

Round 1 & 2

Round 3

and since he dnt have none uploaded, here’s the link to his Myspace wit Some music on it.

Shout Out to the whole collision connect fam

Straight Outta Baltimore [Part II]

The next artist to be featured on S.O.B (lmao) is a dude that I actually don’t know personally but I support

I actually downloaded all of his mixtapes and thoroughly enjoyed them.

He just releaesed this freestyle over a Wu-Tang beat.

this is the cover to his most recent mixtape GodSound available for download on his website..

here’s the link to his website The Black Sunn.com

here’s his Facebook fan page, join

As a lyricist, I listen to music not only for the crazy beats and retarded(literally) adlibs

but for actual Lyrical Content.

And when I come across new artists with this skill, I do all in my power to promote them.

My mans Malik put me on wit the nigga Synik and his skills are ill yo. And with that being said, he earned a spot in the FIRST post of a new segment I like to call

Straight Outta Baltimore”

This is gonna be for artists that I feel deserve some spotlight that are from the City that bleeds reads.

So, check out my nigga Synik, enjoy..

This is called Synikus heres the link

Heres another one where he goes in on Jay-Z’s Run This Town and On To The Next One, link here

And Finally this is the link to his Myspace to check out some other tracks..

Props to my manz Malik for the find