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Finally Releasing

My man Big Sean is finally releasing his debut album. This long awaited cd has been looked forward to by many fans, including myself, for years now, kinda surreal that its actually coming out to be honest. The release date has gotten pushed back again and the new date is June 28th. I personally can’t wait to hear it, I can only hope that its not the new commercial Big Sean but the more introspective and frankly effort-ready Sean that I grew to love (||). Who knows though, here is the album art up top and down below a video on which he talks about who might be on the album as well as some people who did production.

*crosses fingers for Old Sean and not Mainstream Sean*

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Yup, here it is in this recent interview with Allhiphop.com

AllHipHop.com: How much do Young Money artists bounce off each other? I noticed you have similar inflections and cadences or rhyme patterns. I noticed this one thing that Nicki said, “It’s going down. Basement.”

Drake: Well, that flow has been killed by so many rappers. And, I never want to use that flow again in life. [Laughs] I wanted to take if off my album, because I was like, “I shut ‘em down. Onyx.” I hate the fact that that rhyme is still in there. To be honest, that flow, you can trace it back to like…I trace it back to Big Sean (artist on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music). That’s the first guy I heard utilize that flow throughout the duration of a verse. I’ll give him that credit. I think Kanye got it from him. Me and Wayne found a dope way to do it. I don’t want to sound cocky, but the best way its been used was on “Forever.” Those lines just all individually make so much sense. They’re all punchlines.Then a bunch of rappers started doing it and using the most terrible references in the world. I don’t want to offend somebody…I hate that rappers picked that flow up. I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it. [They go like] “It’s a parade! MACY’S!”

Read the rest of the article here

I told you. Like that Aubrey stans?I respect him for coming out and paying homage though


[Late Pass] Big Sean X Drake- Made

I don’t know how I let this one get past me *shrug*

Apparently this isn’t the final version tho.

Big Sean feat. Drake- Made

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XXL Freshmen 2010 Freestyle: Big Sean

Big Sean is the shyt. Flat out.

He is one of the featured artists on XXL’s Top 10 freshmen for 2010 and here is his freestyle video.

killed it as usual

I wanted to take my mixtape cover pic like this too, I still might do it.

New Music From Big Sean

My man Big Sean is starting to make new music. Thats a good thing for fans of Good music like me

If you never listened to him, you missin out on slick, subtle metaphors and crazy bars

here’s his freestyle over Gucci Mane’s Lemonade

Finally Famous Vol. 3 coming soon.

Big Sean-Million Dollars

The homie Big Sean recently released a video for his song Million Dollars

If you been to this blog before, you know we support him to the fullest.

Here’s the video via the dopehouse:

Aint Slept In Weeks..

The homie Big Sean just released the video for two songs off UKNOWBIGSEAN the mixtape, Rollin’ and Say You Will. The video is a little low budget, and looks like it belongs on BET Uncut(remember those days?) but still, thats one of my favorite artists and I support him. Here’s the video


Once again, I cant work the embed feature so here’s the link smh

How G.O.O.D Can a Remix Be?

Yea, I’m up extra late tonight and what do bored niggas in the middle of nowhere do? Surf the net and blog and since I’m already bored of the world wide web, I’ll take the latter. In my boredom, I came across this song by 6 of my favorite artists. It’s called “Whatever You Want” with Consequence, John Legend, Kanye West, Common, Kid Cudi and Big Sean. Here’s the download link, enjoy.


Props to TwoDopeBoyz for the info