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June 19th..

Via: NiceKicks


So by now everyone believes that this pack is releasing in June but no retailer has legitimately confirmed the existence of such pack.

These pics suggest otherwise. These show the packaging (or an early form of such) but is it going to be an Overseas only release?What do you think?

Info via: Nicekicks

Its no secret that I’ve had mixed feelings about this particular shoe. But after seeing them in person I must say that I like them.

Needless to say they’re out now. Go cop your pair

Fuck the Lakers tho *shrug*

2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: Infrared Pack [New Pics]

You should remember my previous post about the Infrared pack thats coming out in June.

Here’s the new pics

yea soooo these will probably be my first pair of VI’s..

via: SneakerHotline & KicksonFire

2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: Infrared Pack

I meant to post this a few days ago but I haven’t had the time.

With the tomfoolery that JB pulled with those Infrared-esque Varsity red VI’s, some fans were angered that the shoes so closely resembled the Infrareds but weren’t the same.

But JB is releasing this Infrared pack(allegedly) which contains the White/ Infrared and Black/ Infrared VI’s

Right now, the word is that they release in July but info is limited. Matter of fact, as of right now its only a “rumor” (despite the fact that multiple sources have confirmed it)

But there is no official confirmation from JB yet, we’ll keep you updated as info comes out.

Info from #NT pics from NiceKicks

Jordan VI Retro- Oreo Pics and Release Info

Even though I’m not that big a fan of these particular colorway, its something about them that is kinda growing on me

These VI’s are nicknamed the “Oreos” for obvious reasons (if you dont know why, take a rock and headbutt it)

Anyway no need to spend alot of time on them, they’re sposed to be released GR on March 20th for $150

I might get them, depending on my finances…

Via KicksonFire