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May 1st is the new release date..

haven’t bought a pair of white shoes in a while =\

info via: NiceKicks


2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: More XIII’s

As if the news of the Flints and White/Red weren’t enough for most people, JB is obviously continuing the slaughter of sneakerhead’s pockets with the release of the Playoff XIII’s.

Now Im not that big of a fan of these, but I know plenty of people who will pick these up.

anyway they supposedly drop January 2011 so I guess this doesnt go under 2010 Is too Expensive but still this is close enough

Via SneakerObsession

2010 Is Too Expensive Vol: Infrared Pack

I meant to post this a few days ago but I haven’t had the time.

With the tomfoolery that JB pulled with those Infrared-esque Varsity red VI’s, some fans were angered that the shoes so closely resembled the Infrareds but weren’t the same.

But JB is releasing this Infrared pack(allegedly) which contains the White/ Infrared and Black/ Infrared VI’s

Right now, the word is that they release in July but info is limited. Matter of fact, as of right now its only a “rumor” (despite the fact that multiple sources have confirmed it)

But there is no official confirmation from JB yet, we’ll keep you updated as info comes out.

Info from #NT pics from NiceKicks

2010 is Too Expensive Vol: Flint XIII’s

To kinda get back into the swing of posting more frequently I figure I can start by putting you on with this little piece of info.

This november Jordan Brand is retroing the Flint XIII. A shoe sought after by many sneakerheads including yours truly. This shoe hasn’t been retroed since 2005 so its bound to create mass hype.

I think it has the potential to be equal to the Space Jam fiasco.

Im getting two pairs. Hopefully my spot will quietly get these like they get everything else.

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Jordan Motorsports Pack Release

Well if you know what these are, you know that they weren’t even a planned release. They were initially thought just to be for the crew of the Jordan Motorsports team but I guess Nike decided to release these beauties. They’re scheduled for release next year Q1.

The Air Jordan 6 has a release date of February 6th, 2010


the Air Jordan 6 Rings releases on March 6th, a month later

Space Jams Tomorrow !!

If you aint no already, you prolly aint gettin em

But tomorrow is the Official Release Day of The

Air Jordan Retro XI ‘Space Jam’

Some online stores did a midnight release and already have them on their website as of right now

Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro Release Details

Its almost that time of year for the much anticipated release of The Space Jam Jordans. Well to be exact, The Nike Air Jordan 11 Retro “Space Jam” . More details have surfaced about the speculated release of these such as a concrete release date and pricing. They will release on December 24th as a quickstrike most likely for $175. Good luck trying to get a pair on Christmas Eve along with the last minute Christmas shoppers. I hope you wish me luck too because Ima be out there, hopefully i can secure a pair from my spot but I’m not gettin my hopes up. Below is a bonus picture of my favorite Old School Baller Penny Hardaway being guarded by Jordan with these on. Classic.

shout out to SneakerObsession http://www.sneakerobsession.com/19894/air-jordan-11-retro-space-jam-release-date-confirmation/