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Again, I will remind everyone reading this how much I do love Nikki Jean, her music, her demeanor, her appearance, and most of all, her spirit. She always seems upbeat and optimistic, the world needs more people like her. Also as I have said before I am ecstatic that her album is finally coming out. It is great to hear that after all she’s been through that her debut album is finally releasing and today she released the official album art and tracklist via her official website. Here’s the art and hit the link for the tracklist and her newest song.

I personally think this is an excellent choice for cover art because of her style of music. Her music has a real jazzy feel to it and is very relaxing to listen to so this simple art is very appropriate. And not to mention she is gorgeous as usual ^_^.

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One of my favorite artist on G.O.O.D. music.. Talks real shit no doubt..


[Mixtape] The Original Dom Kennedy

Mixtape came out yesterday but I ain’t feel like getting back on here after my phone broke -_-

Anyway I listened to it cover to cover three times already, shit is dope.

(Click the image to download)

The first single from Young Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 (which is long over due but its all good) With Shawty Redd on tha track(thought he was in jail..?!)Album drop 9/28


This is a collabo that i did not see coming but im glad it happen. I think that Rick Ross could have done way better on the rhymes tho, being as Cee-lo brought that pain and struggle to the table. But over all its a great song that you should check out.. No I.D. on tha track so you know its ill..


Certified Dope track from J.Cole. Cant wait til this nigga album drop..

To download click here

I figured I’d do a post with something everybody loves. Enjoy.


By now you should have heard about Mel Gibson’s little rant to his wife that she Oh so deceptively recorded. Well if you didn’t I am here to share the white woman! (you’ll see what I did there soon)

I can’t embed the video here but here is the link of Mel Gibson’s Completely PETTY rant to his wife. I found it shockingly ignorant yet humorous.

If you get raped by a pack of niggers, it’ll be your fault(c) Mel Gibson

Thought Provoking Material.

As you all know, Lupe is my favorite artist and I am well aware of his ridiculously in depth use of metaphors in his lyrics but I never took the time to break them all down. But I found someone who did. And I must say, its rather interesting.

I’m not gonna post the whole story but this guy breaks down all the metaphors in ‘I’m Beamin’ some are reaches but not most. Here’s a video he included where Lu explains the ulterior motives and messages behind The Cool

Interesting to say the least.

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This has to be one of the Dopest pictures I’ve ever seen.

Love Always Shines Everytime and Remember to Smile

The Rap

Here’s a J. Cole freestyle that I found over at The DopeHouse

That boy got talent.

And The Joke

Nigga I swear this video had me ROLLIN when I saw it this morning.

LMFAO @ Waka’s part alkngfsdkjhbjgh

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Now before you start talking shit. I been heard son but never paid attention to him. Until now, nothing really stood out to me. This video just changed my whole perspective on him though. This is the video for ‘1997’ off of his latest project From Westside With Love.


Blame 2DopeBoyz

Artwork For Curren$y’s Pilot Talk album was seen. Its pretty interesting in my opinion. Could be better but I’ve seen WAY worse.

Here’s the full picAnd here’s the video for Audio Dope Part 2 which I’ve been bumping since my man Jericho pressured me into listening to

Jets Fool

Here another Trap Banger from the King Himself.. “KING Uncaged'” Due *8/17/10.. O YEAH!! His Mixtape “Fuck A Mixtape” Drop tomorrow so look for that on tha Blog as soon as I see it..