Well.. Since my last post I have been thinking about alot of things.. One of them happen to be life and the way I live it.. Great example.. do you know how much I spend on shoes? A year ago I didn’t see nothing wrong with spending 200 dollars on a pair of shoes that Iam only gonna wear once or twice.. but I had to think about it. How is gonna fit in the long run or when I become father? Will I still have these shoes? Will I still be buying kicks? It took me three days to come up with a answer.. Here it is..
At some point in our lives we grow-up.. And as we grow we understand that priorities are priorites which means that they come first.. Like bills and our children.. I would be more proud to say “I paid my bill on time” or “Im paying for my child to get a great education” than to say “I got them jordans”.. Im not saying you shouldnt be proud of your j’s cause im proud of mine.. But Im 19.. And I only got 2 bills n I make sure they paid on the due date before I buy some kicks.. The matter of the fact is priorities, and the fact of the matter is grown up.. May be in great structure but Im tired..lol