Nike Sportswear has been hyping up something “out of this world” for about a week now. They went on to say that these would be something the world has never felt before, leading me and other foam heads across the interwebz to speculate as to what they had in store. Me personally was hoping for a new colorway of the Pro’s but I withheld faith that they something worthwhile in store but low and behold they unleashed this.

Why Nike? Why? Have you not destroyed enough legacies? Why must you take my favorite shoe, a pivotal piece of my childhood and slaughter them like some cheap pig? Hasn’t the legion of Jordan haters taught you anything? Fusions do not equal sales smh. I am sick to my stomach, how far will Nike take this?

The shoes arent UGLY (except for that sole) but they are just a reminder of how little Nike cares about the legacy of  signature line. Eventually they will speak of Penny in the same breath of Jordan Brand. And that is the real bad thing about this situation