I’ve been debating on getting this shoe since I saw it months ago on NT. I swore I would hold judgement until I saw actual pics. I have seen them.

(If you didn’t know its a fusion of the AM95, the AM97 and the AM2009, don’t ask me where 24/7 came from)

Now initially I thought that these were a disgrace to the Air Max line but upon further looks they are not that bad. I believe its one of those instances where its dependent on the colorway whether or not the shoe looks good. I first saw the black/purple colorway.

this is a good pic and the shoe is still horribly executed in my opinion. But like I said thats my opinion.

Then I saw the Neon & Chili colorways and instantly fell in love. The gradient design of Air Mx 95s is what attracted me to them in the first place. And it didn’t disappoint this time.Now the shoe still isnt one of the best so it won’t appeal to everybody. I got a feeling it might become that new ‘trapper’ shoe that all the partakers in illegal activties’ will own. Smh similar to the Air Max 95 itself.

But I will probably cop one or both sooner or later, probably when the price goes down.

What do you think about them?

info via: Nicekicks & KicksonFire