Yall nigga just dont know fam. I love this woman. Everything about her from her voice to her music to her beautiful smile to her curly hair to her pleasant outlook on everything. I’ve been a fan of hers since a little before The Cool came out. She dropped the vocals to Hip Hop Saved My Life with Lu and since then I’ve kept tabs on her. I subscribe to her Youtube Channel, bookmarked her blog, follow her on Twitter (yes I’m a groupie). Just watching this video is making me smile. Im glad that she’s finished writing her album, I cant wait for the album to come out.

Oh my GAWD she is so beautiful. Those eyes and that smile are just like the epitome of beauty to me [/Groupie status].

This is the first song that made me realize how talented and beautiful she is.

Ok, Im done being a groupie for a little while. But on a serious note, I would love to hear her album and I cant wait for it to release.

For real tho, I want to meet her in real life.


Info via: The LupEND blog & The Official Nikki Jean Fan Blog