Do any of yall niggas out there own Snuggies? I’m really considering buying one but every time I hit the link, that ridiculous commercial comes on and makes me feel REALLY retarded for purchasing one. For example, look at this picture.

Like C’mon yo, is he really that happy that he has a Snuggie? Or is he happy that he is still playing a PSP? Either way I wonder if I’ll be that happy. I had an epiphany playing the game last night, I was sooo cold but i wanted to finish playing 2K. So I threw the covers on..They kept coming off and I could not achieve the level of comfort that I was hoping for. So I thought to myslef..

A Snuggie would be so appropriate right now..

Sure the commercial is retarded but hey its a good idea and much more conceivable than wearing a hoody to sleep so with that being said, I will be paying 19.95 plus shipping to buy a Snuggie =/..If you want one here’s the website to purchase a Snuggie in one of 3 funky colors..

Try not to let the commercial sway you from buying one >.> and just for fun, here’s a parody that had me rollin.