Brisco…come on yo, Why?? Why would you do this?

Like do you realize that YOU ARE SOME SHYT as far as rapping and keeping your chains is concerned. Like you have got to be the single whackest artist recruited by Wayne.

Or on the past, present or future Cash Money for that matter..

Why else do you think you GET NO SHINE? And even with that in mind, you would proceed with making a diss record.

Not only a diss record but a WEAK diss record at that. Like C’mon yo you goin diss a nigga thats going to jail and a nigga that just got shot.


Remember This ?!?!?!

ME NEITHER! I think that was the last time you was on tv bruh. Why you diss them niggas lol you mad cuz he got more radion play than you?

AND you had Wayne, Birdman & Khaled on the track lls even they couldnt save that atrocity. He had GUCCI !! Thats it ! And he STILL gets more air time and shine then you.

But what really got the diss, how you goin clown him for gettin shot for NOT givin up his chains?

Are you serious?

Aint you the same nigga that got robbed…in a barber shop…in your homestate..ON CAMERA?

want me to remind you? No Problem ! Enjoy !

You goin clown him for  not giving up his chains when you did it quick, fast and in a hurry? YOU A BITCH for that.

Fuck Outta Here Man. Get Real. That nigga Waka will murder you. Hes not Yung Berg.

Are you even still signed?