As a lyricist, I listen to music not only for the crazy beats and retarded(literally) adlibs

but for actual Lyrical Content.

And when I come across new artists with this skill, I do all in my power to promote them.

My mans Malik put me on wit the nigga Synik and his skills are ill yo. And with that being said, he earned a spot in the FIRST post of a new segment I like to call

Straight Outta Baltimore”

This is gonna be for artists that I feel deserve some spotlight that are from the City that bleeds reads.

So, check out my nigga Synik, enjoy..

This is called Synikus heres the link

Heres another one where he goes in on Jay-Z’s Run This Town and On To The Next One, link here

And Finally this is the link to his Myspace to check out some other tracks..

Props to my manz Malik for the find