Bun-B laying tracks down to rest all week. Killin #1 hits like “Life Change” by Clipse, “Goin In” by Lil Wayne & Drake, “On to the Next One” by Jay-Z ft. Swizz Beatz. No date on the “No Mix Tape” mix tape..lol I guess you just gotta be on track.. but im goin to help yall catch up.. I GOT ALL 9 TRACKS!..Trill OG coming soon!

Bun B – 2 Damn Trill |Bun B – Adrenaline RushBun B – Stupid Trill

Bun B – No Mix Tape |Bun B – I Went InBun B – I’m On The Block Freestyle

Bun B – Transform YaBun B – Don’t Say ShitBun B – On To The Next Year