The NBA is gettin so hood man. This nigga Gilbert (really, a thug named Gilbert c’mon)

dooes this look like a thug to you? *diddy voice* nuh uh

anyway this nigga Gilbert brought guns into the arena and they found em. Now he’s been charged with felony gun possesion.

first of all, if your a professional basketball player, why have an UNregistered gun? Secondly, no matter what problems you havin wit your teamamte, why bring a gun to A FREAKIN ARENA, and leave it in YOUR locker? And then, you and your teammate got mad at each other over a POKER GAME like yall niggas dont make millions of dollars. Yall got so mad to the point of drawing guns on each other??? THE F U C K??

Niggas these days man..

For those of you that dont know, felony gun charges have a maximum penalty of 5 years in jail plus a fine. Not to mention the punishment from the NBA, tht nigga career is done for at least a few years…

GUess how much money he will be getting after the Wizards file that grievance..